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Getting started & my "why" for initiating an exit.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

So you may or may not know this, but I'm an Educator in the Texas school system. Exciting, right?! Well for a lot of teachers at this time, the demands of teaching just doesn't seem worth it. As for me, I really do love my job and what I get to do in the lives of my students.

Ok, sooo why are we out here?"

*Insert the visual of a deep inhale here.

So, I've always desired freedom in my job and

I can honestly say it was well before I really understood what that even meant. In my introductory video on Youtube, I briefly touched on the mindset I had growing up. I truly believed I could have the life I'd always dreamt of. The domesticated life of being a wife had never crossed my mind, but I always wanted to have several businesses that primarily benefited women and young girls. That's just something that was deeply rooted in me.

As I went through school, I always found myself working with children, but I was very vocal about my passion of entrepreneurship. I was often encouraged to become a teacher, but being the strong willed chick that I am, I was determined to follow my own path. After graduating high school, I enrolled at the University of Houston and decided my major would be entrepreneurship. I had years of experience running my hobbies, but I knew more needed to be learned. After spending a semester taking accounting and realizing how much weight would be placed on finance-related classes, I decided to switch to something more hands on. My new major became Retailing and Consumer Science with a concentration in Entrepreneurial E-tailing. Even though it was challenging to create the career I really wanted, I know my choices in college were 100% for me.

"'d you get from there to teaching?"

I'm getting there friend; just trust me! So a few months after graduating (and at the peak of my job-searching career) I became I'll and was diagnosed with IBD. In the beginning stages, life was extremely difficult for me. My body was weak, I was constantly exhausted, and additional symptoms were unpredictable. As you can imagine, I was in no condition to work under a real employer. When the opportunity arrived to become a nanny for a family member, I hopped on it. It was in that role that I met a principal who wanted me to start working at her school the following year. So that's how I ended up in the classroom, but it was no easy feat. I definitely tried to run away (remember I said I am strong-willed). I needed more and I wanted to be sure I I left to utilize my hard earned degree in corporate america, only to realize I'm definitely not made for that world. Not long after quitting that role, I enrolled in an Alternative Certification Program and started on the path to eventually become a teaching.

Though I've made some big moves, I've always been clear that more is out there for me. Teaching is part of a mission I've been given, but it is not my sole purpose. I've always known I wouldn't retire as an educator and now is the time to start planning for the long term goals of my life. That brings me to why we're here today. I've made the conscious choice to pursue my dreams...even when I scared. I'm sharing myself with the world and I praying my wins will be your wins and maybe my journey will make yours a little bit easier.

Randomness to add. I want to enjoy life. I want to enjoy my friends and my family while they're still able to move freely. I want true freedom, not just on vacation.

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